Excellence, Innovation, and Lifetime Achievement Awards.

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World Medical Elites™ is proud to announce its award winners. The 2023 first-quarter awards for Excellence, Innovation, and Lifetime Achievement have been announced. The three distinct awards for the 2023 World Medical Elites™Awards are the Excellence Award, Innovation Award, and Lifetime Achievement Award (for those who have served for at least 20 years). Nominees can apply for more than one award.

Ford Brewer MD, Sean Freeman MD, and John Watts Jr MD were recognized for their lifetime achievements in healthcare. The Lifetime Achievement awards are given to those healthcare professionals who have served for at least 20 years and have demonstrated excellence in one or more of the following areas: patient care, innovation, leadership, and community service.

Dr. Ford Brewer has dedicated his life to preventative medicine, to help patients understand, uncover and address health issues such as heart attacks, strokes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Dementia. He is an internationally recognized speaker and educator. He is the founder of PrevMed Health and PrevMedNetwork.

Dr. Sean Freeman's SOOF Lift blepharoplasty is the gold standard of lower lid rejuvenation. Dr. Freeman invented SOOF lift blepharoplasty for lower lid rejuvenation; along with the Endoscopic Brow Lift- Segmental Approach – creating more predictable and natural-looking browlifts. He has been performing Deep Plane Facelifts for over 15 years. Dr. Freeman is a sought-after teacher and lecturer to his peers, all over the world.

Dr. John Watts Jr has been serving local Gaston County families since 1989. He has served generations of families. He is also active in the Boy Scouts of America and the Rotary Club.


Excellence Awards

  • Ferzaan A. Ali, DC
  • Nicole Blackburn, MD
  • Sean Freeman, MD
  • Stephen Giordano, DO
  • Sarah Grossman, MD
  • Sasha Haberle, MD
  • Jeanette Leader, MD
  • Constance Walker McMullan, MD
  • Deborah Nixon, MD
  • Shawn Caputo Papathanassiou, PC-C
  • Renita White, MD
  • Christian Yaste, DDS
  • Julie Zimmermann, MD

Innovation Awards

  • Mariela Busheva, FNP-C
  • Sean Freeman, MD

Lifetime Achievement Awards

  • Ford Brewer, MD
  • Sean Freeman, MD
  • John Watts, Jr, M

These awards are designed to recognize healthcare providers who have shown exceptional commitment to their patients, have made significant contributions to their field, and have dedicated their lives to advancing the healthcare industry. All award winners will receive a digital badge to embed on their website, a printable certificate, and their name mentioned in an online press release, along with offerings of additional premium marketing packages to promote their achievements and award.

World Medical Elites™ is an online platform that supports healthcare providers. It was founded to create a safe place for patients to leave reviews and help healthcare providers show up in search engines and achieve positive Provider Social Proof. The company's mission is to educate, inspire, and collaborate with healthcare providers to generate authority and provider social proof through patient reviews, peer reviews, and awards.

The platform has also recently interviewed:

  • Wes Matejka, of Tax Vantage Consulting- and discussed how for healthcare providers to cut their taxes in half.
  • Dr. Len Schwartz on how to secure 10-20 referral relationships with other healthcare providers, and generate an extra 100-200 patients a year
  • Dr. Ford Brewer on steps to take to prevent common and debilitating diseases, and also positively navigating MSOs.
  • Thomas Reilly, a science and executive in pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and his recent novels, Chasing Time, and Trial and Redemption

Along with other educational videos on ChatGPT, TikTok, and other topics.


Provider Social Proof refers to the influence that patient reviews, peer reviews, and awards can have on a healthcare provider's reputation and credibility. Using social proof in the context of healthcare, Provider Social Proof means that positive reviews and recognition from peers and patients can help establish a healthcare provider's expertise, trustworthiness, and overall reputation in their field. People are more likely to trust and choose a healthcare provider who has a positive reputation and track record of providing excellent care. This can include patient testimonials, online ratings and reviews in healthcare provider directories such as World Medical Elites™, recognition from industry organizations or peers, and other forms of recognition or accolades, both locally and online. Provider social proof has become increasingly important as more patients turn to the internet to research their healthcare provider, and when choosing a new provider for care. By establishing a strong online presence and reputation through positive reviews and recognition, healthcare providers can attract more patients, along with strengthening and growing their practices.


Nominations for second-quarter awards are now open. Patients, colleagues, friends, and family members can nominate healthcare providers, along with self-nominations. This is an excellent opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of healthcare providers and show appreciation for their contributions. Let's celebrate the achievements of healthcare heroes. Nominate your favorite healthcare provider today.

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