Missing Google Reviews can sometimes be maddening. Learn how this happens:

Spam reviews

Reviews that are not actual experiences. Customers' actual experiences should be reflected in the reviews they provide on Google. There should never be a review posted with the malicious goal of trying to manipulate the review rating of a firm. Also, reviews posted on Google are supposed to be 100% original and not replicated from another site.  Last but not least, a single user may not publish the same review under more than one of their own identities. If these reviews are deleted, this was a good action by Google.

Unrelated reviews

Does the review contain information that is irrelevant to the experience that the client had or to your company? Does it include personal rants against other people, places, or things, as well as commentary on social or political issues? If a Google review contains anything that is irrelevant to the question being asked, it will be removed. Again-  Great job Google!

Restricted content

Your Google reviews may be removed if they contain restricted content such as offers, discounts, or call-to-actions to sell alcohol, gambling, tobacco, guns, health and medical devices, pharmaceuticals, financial services, or adult services. Google also reserves the right to remove your reviews if they violate the terms of service. This is not an exhaustive list, and Google has the right to exercise its own discretion when determining whether or not to delete a review. Evaluation= Good job Google.


Google will remove reviews written in the name of another person but submitted using a different Google account.

Inside job

If Google determines that a number of reviews were posted from the same IP address- they will remove all the reviews. This is to keep you from putting an ipad or computer in the front office, and asking patients to leave reviews as they leave. **Hint from WME (World Medical Elites)- ask them to do the review in their car, or when they get home, but not in the office.

Google Auto-Bot error

Sometimes reviews are deleted because the review is just too perfect! Yes- we sometimes have patients who write amazing reviews, elaborating on how wonderful their healthcare provider is, and using several of your keywords. Sometimes, a Google auto-bot believes this review is just too good to be true- and deletes it!  Ways to combat this: contact Google and notify them that the review is genuine. Also, if Google refuses to reinstate the review, ask the patient to leave the review again, but this time, a little bit shorter.

There are times when your competitor goes to Google and marks your 5-star reviews as "off -topic" or "spam" and the auto-bot deletes the review. (Note to Google- why Google? Create smarter bots! Letting a competitor harm another healthcare provider's reviews is not good.

Do you trust Google to handle all of your reviews appropriately? We don't.

We don't allow:

  • Anonymous, or unverified reviews
  • Reviews from people that are not your patients

Once you become a member of World Medical Elites, you can contact us and have those anonymous and non-patient reviews removed.

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